Thursday, January 24, 2019

Let's Keep Learning!

Another short week, filled with lots of energy and readjustment to our classroom community after almost a week away! We got a lot done this week: celebrated our Special Me of the week, started an evaporation experiment and started learning about the water cycle, learned how to be assertive (we connected this to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), and finished our first math unit which was centered around counting, and taking away or adding one more to a quantity of objects. I'm especially excited for the kids to learn about shapes and classifying shapes based on their attributes.

Reading is really coming along! Students are decoding lots of CVC words and most of them have "cracked the code" of reading--associating sounds with the symbols of letters. It's amazing to see this growth and to see it "click"!

In science, we touched on the water cycle, began a water evaporation experiment, and we went outside and put snow on the hot metal side of the school and watched the snow evaporate in front of our eyes! I'm excited to do even more experiments!

Finally, on our Thursday hike, students connected what we've been learning in reading about characters and setting to create their own "snow stories". They invented stories as we hiked, and then spent some time creating homes for their "characters" in their stories and told me about the setting as well. We had a wonderful time. Have a great weekend!

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