Friday, February 1, 2019

Ski you later!

What a fun week this week! We started off with a fantastic field trip to Tahoe City's XC Ski Club. The kids had a blast learning the strides, falling over, getting back up and skiing onward. I love how they serve as a fresh reminder of the beauty of resilience. Even when they fall, they get right back up and aren't afraid to try again with the very thing that made them fall in the first place! If you get the chance, be sure to say thank you to Cami, Allyson, and Meggie, as all three of these outdoor enthusiasts sent me the flyer to sign us up for free ski dates. Thank you, ladies!

We spent time learning about primary colors, and the kids were challenged to find out what happens when artists mix different colors together. They LOVED it. Pretty much every one of them figured out how to mix the colors and what combinations created which new colors. What a fun afternoon of exploration!

The kids also got the chance to experiment with and learn about the water cycle. We spent time on evaporation last week, and I showed them a video this week of my brother back in Wisconsin. He threw up a boiling cup of water into -25 degree (-50 with windchill) air, and the water immediately evaporated. Then we had the chance to explore the rest of the water cycle--condensation, precipitation, and collection (or accumulation). Students put water through a sponge (the cloud) with an eyedropper and were able to feel how heavy the sponge got before water started to "precipitate" through down to the ground. It was messy, educational, and they loved it!

Speaking of precipitation--be prepared with the snowstorm that's coming our way, and stay safe! See y'all next week!

Myles' Special Me read-aloud!

Exploring precipitation

Having fun on our Shirley Canyon expedition!

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