Thursday, January 17, 2019

Short Update...

This week definitely turned into a short week of school, but we sure had fun on Monday and Tuesday! The students were introduced to Responsibility from our CARES series, and all of them were excited to get their classroom jobs. Hopefully that will transfer over to your homes..... ;) Next week, we will all start doing our classroom jobs and exercise Responsibility (taking care of things and each other).

Tuesday was filled with lots of fun and excitement over the fresh snow, and with new stories and games and chants and songs that we've learned in class. We learned new fun games in math, and had Oey's mom come in and read one of his favorite books to the class. For those who were here on Tuesday afternoon, we read a book about a snowman named "just Bob" and made a line drawing and color-blocking art project.

It was a fun, but short week, and I'm looking forward to a more full week next week! Enjoy the photos!

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