Friday, December 7, 2018

Having snow much fun!

Learning about the menorah
What a beautiful, winter wonderland! The students enjoyed our hike even more with all the snow, squealing with glee over sliding down hills and plopping into drifts.
Making airplanes

This week, we got to enjoy hearing about Hanukkah from Abe and his mom, who came in to read a story for our class to educate us about the history of Hanukkah and the significance of the menorah. The students also learned how to play dreidel, and greatly enjoyed it! It was a favorite, and I'm sure will be making an appearance again in one of our math centers! We also celebrated Archer's birthday by making special dragon paper airplanes. The kinders loved it!

In social studies, we talked about the communities we live in, and next week, we will learn about the people that we need in our communities, such as firefighters, policemen, doctors, etc. The students loved playing community Bingo! On Thursday, we visited Tahoe Truckee High School to watch the Ririe Woodbury Dance group. We learned about how to make poses by pushing, pulling, and supporting. Members of the dance group also led the students in different dance moves, which they loved. It was a wonderful experience!

Playing dreidel
Next week, we welcome a new student to our class! I am excited to see how this group of learners will welcome a new member to our community. Enjoy the weekend!

Ririe Dance
Out on the hike! 

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