Thursday, November 29, 2018

Duck? or Rabbit?

One of the kids' favorite activities this week as we came back from the break was our class-wide vote on whether this famous pictures depicts a duck or a rabbit. They learned about the concept of "majority rules,"  and learned how to express their opinions respectfully, even when they don't agree with others. This activity partially stemmed from an important Social Emotional Learning concept: listening. The students loved being able to vote; be sure to ask them about that activity if you get the chance!

Other news this week: we switched things up in our daily schedule. From Mondays-Wednesdays, math is in the morning right after our morning meeting, and reading was moved to the slot between specialist and lunch. On Thursdays, we will still do reading in the morning to accomodate our book buddies, and math stations will happen before lunch. We worked on making patterns together as a class, creating numbers in different ways on tens frames, and addition. My goal is to make things as hands-on and activity-based as possible, along with a few worksheets sprinkled here and there. The kindergarteners seemed to embrace the change and greatly enjoyed our new math activities!

Finally--we have had our very first SNOW DAY of the season today! Get outside, enjoy learning in nature, and most of all, STAY SAFE! See you all next week :)

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