Friday, December 14, 2018

What a "FUN"itel Week we had!

Riding the Funitel
The kindergarteners chattered excitedly as the gondola quickly shot up the mountainside and then they squealed with delight as they spotted the stuffed animals that were caught in the rock wiring as the gondola climbed through the sky. The views were breath-taking, the sun was shining, and anticipation was high for this "Fun"itel-filled adventure, and it definitely was a highlight for our week!
So much excitement!

Another thing the kids really enjoyed was our weekly hike up Shirley Canyon, complete with cranberry art in the snow, jumping into the snow and sliding down the drifts whenever they could. We made it back just in time for the Appreciation Circle, and the kids did the best clean-up of the classroom that has happened so far this year! That was definitely a proud moment :)
Snow and cranberry snacks

Art with our buddies
With our "big" book buddies (8th graders), we made snowflake-catching self-portraits. The 8th graders patiently helped with the tracing, cutting and gluing that was necessary for the projects, and the kindergarteners of course loved the extra help and attention. Porsha's mom and dad came in to read us books this week for her "Special Me" week, and the theme of kindness was woven throughout the activities they did with us, as well as through our art projects this week. The students learned about a legend of how the baker's dozen came to be through the baker Van Amsterdam and his St. Nick's Day cookies. They learned the power of giving more instead of being "stingy" and withholding from others when we have more than plenty to share.

Building a Community!
Finally, we look forward to next week, when we will complete our social studies unit on communities and community helpers. We will welcome a nurse to our class and she will share with us the importance of her job and how she is able to help in the community. We will also create a book about how we want to help and give back to our communities as we grow older. This week, the students made their own communities and then got to play with them for one of our Choice times.

Thank you to everyone who has helped out this week, whether through working with your child at home, coming in to volunteer with group work, or coming along on our field trip and hike this week. Have a wonderful weekend!

The view from up top

Community Group 1

More artwork!

We really enjoyed our hike!

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