Friday, September 14, 2018

Three for Three

We've done it! Week three, and our first very full week of very full days, is complete! The kids are definitely hitting their stride (and so is their teacher :)) It's been so enjoyable watching them care for each other and get excited about our learning. This week's highlights included extra outside activity time, doing pattern block puzzles, counting activities in math, starting our read-to-self time with the help of Ms. Monkey and Mr. Fox, and experiencing our first Reading Buddies time with the 8th graders! We are hoping to make this a weekly tradition this year. It's so fun to see the kindergarteners come alive with excitement when they see their buddies, and it's so precious to see how the 8th graders embrace their time and leadership role with the younger buddies.

The students also learned how to use playdoh responsibly and constructively this week. We will be using playdoh for lots of different things, including forming letters and numbers and using it as a calming tool if the kids feel upset.

Finally, we delved more deeply into our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) this week, through the reading of Dr. Seuss's My Many Colored Days and doing daily check-ins of how we are feeling. This builds self-awareness in the kids, gives them concrete tools to attach to abstract concepts, and also encourages empathy in our classroom community. I'm excited to keep working with this curriculum this year and see how they embrace it further! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Math Centers

Reading Buddies!

More Reading Buddy time!

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