Friday, September 21, 2018

Fun-CENTERed Learning

Enjoying Morning Meeting together
"Look Ms. Maryn! I made a C!"
What a fantastic week of beautiful, fall-ish weather and lots of fun learning! This week, we focused a lot on centers-based learning. This is a fun way for the kids to stay engaged in their learning in small groups, and it helps them practice communication, cooperation, and builds stamina. Students got to stamp the letters of their names, roll out alphabet letters using Playdoh, explore pattern blocks and puzzles, and got to pick out new books for their book boxes. They also reached the 3 minute mark for sustained silent reading time! Our goal as a class is to be able to sit and read for 15 minutes. Once the kids reach this goal, they will get to decorate their book boxes with special markers. They are very excited!

Guest Reader
In addition this week, we enjoyed celebrating one of our students' birthdays, and the kids readily welcomed his mom into our classroom community to have her read a story to us called Here We Are. We read more books that focused our attention on what kinds of classroom rules we want to have in order to keep our community safe, welcoming, and kind. The kids especially like the book No, David!, and I loved hearing them discuss the themes of kindness and celebrating differences while we read the book The Cow that went OINK!.

Our mini books of the poem "White"
Finally, this week we started what will be a morning routine: learning a new poem/song that we sing each day and do activities that build up throughout the week. Ask your student about the poem we learned this week, about the color white! They especially loved the line "Ghosts are white and they say 'Boo!'"

Letter 'A' Crowns with friends
Have a beautiful weekend, get outside, and enjoy independent study! See you all on Monday!

Hard at work!

Playdoh letters

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