Friday, September 28, 2018

Farmer's Market Fun!

A giant "Thank You!" to all of our parent volunteers and helpers with our North Lake Tahoe Farmer's Market excursion on Thursday morning! It was a highlight of the week and a huge success! I really enjoyed seeing the students get excited about the Farmer's Market experience, and dive into the scavenger hunt for the morning. They greatly utilized the giant playground space that's available as well, spending their time playing zombies and tag and pirates and climbing the rock wall with adult help. What a fun and active way for us to grow our community closer together, both amongst our parents and the students.

Special Me project
In addition, this week we began celebrating our first Special Me! Our first Special Me student brought in lots of pictures, and his parents came in to read a book and do a special craft--making popsicle-stick tigers. The kids loved it! We're excited to learn more about another student with a new Special Me next week.

Finally, we welcomed autumn with an art leaf project. Students traced out different kinds and shapes of autumn leaves and learned about warm and cool colors. They used warm colors in oil pastel to decorate their leaves, which are now proudly displayed in our classroom windows. One of the kids' favorite books this week was called Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon. In this story, Molly Lou Melon learns to stand tall and proud in the world with her uniqueness and inspires kids to stand tall by being kind to others, no matter how others treat them. It was a great way to wrap up our Social Studies unit on classroom rules; I encourage you to ask your child about the story!

Thank you for all your hard Independent Study work with your students as well! It's been amazing to see students already increasing independence in their work and relationships. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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