Friday, September 7, 2018

Full-day Kinder is here!

Whew! First week of full days: complete! The kids fully embraced this change and are settling into our routine for each day. They were most excited about earning CHOICE time at the end of the day on both Wednesday and Thursday! This is a guided exploration time for the students, where they are given 3-4 choices of different activities to take part in, from working on artistic pursuits, to puzzles, reading books, games and building with blocks.

The kids especially seemed to enjoy their first Spanish lesson with Ms. Monica, our Spanish teacher. She taught them how to say "Me llamo" and "Como se llama" with a clapping and rhythm-oriented song. They loved it.

This week, the students also met our resident puppets, Mr. Fox and Ms. Monkey, the two superhero readers who will teach the kindergarteners about how to read to self, read to someone, and work on sitting in one spot during our quiet reading times every day. Once the whole class can make it up to 15 minutes of reading time, Ms. Monkey told the kids they will get to decorate their individual book boxes with special markers!

At the end of the day on Thursday, students got to meet with their 4th and 8th grade buddies (they LOVED this!) to circle up for Appreciation Thursdays. What a wonderful tradition at Creekside, and a fantastic note on which to end this week. Enjoy the weekend and the beautiful weather, and I look forward to seeing everyone next week!

Exploring at Choice Time
Pizza Thursdays was a hit!

Our very first Creekside Community Appreciation Circle!

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