Thursday, May 9, 2019

Hit the Trail!

The kindergarteners have become more and more curious about the pioneers coming west, as we've read a fictional tale of what it was like to be on the Oregon Trail many years ago. We're now continuing the theme by reading a historical account of a family who traveled west. They love making connections between this and our own trail adventures on Thursday afternoons. This week, we focused on finding landforms, as this relates to what we've been learning in science this week. It's amazing how many landforms are right here around us in Squaw Valley. What a beautiful place we inhabit!

Our group work this year has come SO far! They are finally able (mostly) to navigate center work on their own with a short introduction. It's been fun to see them engage in games, puzzles, and the like. They are getting more and more ready for first grade!

Some other highlights of the week were: Doing finger painting on Thursday, creating a fun, paper-layering art project of different landforms, doing our landform scavenger hunt on Thursday, cup stacking in math, and learning how to use number lines and pictures and tens frames to solve problems in math. Something else I've noticed with this class is that they are choosing to drift towards letter writing and bookmaking during our quiet/downtime after lunch recess. They want to write notes to each other or to their parents, and are sounding out words and stretching them into sentences. It's amazing to see how far they've come! Thank you for your work at home, and let's all keep working hard to create the most successful five weeks yet of this year!
Fingerpainting Fun!

Word Sorts for Reading Centers

Beautiful hike!



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