Friday, May 17, 2019

Attracted to Learning

Although the students were disappointed that we weren't able to make our Shirley Canyon hike this week due to snowy (!!) weather, we had a blast participating in the awesome magnet exploration stations that Ms. Allyson prepared for us. Students learned about magnetic fields, and how magnets can either attract or repel each other, depending on which ends of the magnets are facing each other. Students also experienced the power of magnets even through a barrier, such as water or plastic. They loved it!

Instead of getting to read with our reading buddies this week, students learned how to participate in reader's theater. I put them in partners, and each student chose a part. They did readings with each other and greatly enjoyed changing characters and reading the plays with each other. Some partners got to read two plays with each other. I am hoping to do more reader's theater in the final month of school. They did so well with it!

Beautiful Cards
Finally, we spent quite a bit of time this week focusing on writing different kinds of letters. Students wrote traditional letters, cards, and postcards. Next week, they will have the chance to "publish" one of their works on a postcard that they can then send from home. I told them that they will also get the chance to write me letters and postcards this summer, should they choose to do so. I will make sure everyone has a copy of my mailing address by the end of the year :) Hopefully, this will keep them engaged and excited about the writing process! Feel free to make this a part of their summer "school", as I strongly encourage continued reading and writing throughout the summer. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and enjoy the snow! It may be "off-season", but it's still beautiful and I'm amazed at the beautiful nature we are surrounded by! See you all next week!

More Reader's Theater!

Magnet Fun

More Magnets

Quite the Magnet Collection!

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