Friday, March 22, 2019

Welcome Spring!

More destruction!
The Leprechaun's tricks
Our weather has heralded spring in the usual Tahoe fashion--more snow! After last week's tease of sunshine and warmth, the gloom and cold were not welcomed back readily. However, thankfully we made it outside for recess every day this week, and lots of learning and fun was had by all this week! First of all, the students were greeted by quite the sight on Monday morning: the Leprechaun had made an appearance in our classroom, messing everything up and leaving pieces of candy in our leprechaun traps. We didn't catch him this year, but maybe next year we will!

Making slime!
Other highlights from this week included making egg-carton creatures and enjoying a reading of Puff the Magic Dragon for Granite's Special Me project. The students also got to make slime on Thursday, which was a huge hit. They especially loved mixing up as many color combinations as possible, turning their slime all shades of pink, red, green, teal, blue, brown, yellow, orange, etc. They loved it!

Finally, the students were able to write about their favorite parts of spring this week, and we will finish the project with some sunflower watercolors next week. In art, we read a book called Roller Coaster and then used scraps of paper and glue to create roller coaster art. You could hear a pin drop in the classroom, they were that engaged and involved! It's so cool to see the students' different ideas and creativity take shape throughout this year. Enjoy the pictures and see everyone next week!

Addition Games in math

Roller Coaster art

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