Thursday, March 28, 2019

States of Matter

What a great week! Despite some rain-like snow, we were able to get outside and play every day, as well as explore and play with science experiments and watercolors inside. We finished our unit on states of matter. All the students should be able to say that matter comes in three states: Solids, liquids, and gases. We explored liquids with water on wax paper and straws. Students practiced blowing the water across the wax paper, separating it out with toothpicks, and one student was even able to blow a bubble in the water using the straw.

With air, we used the other half of bendy straws to blow air and try and keep a ping pong ball suspended above the straw. Some students were able to do it for a few seconds; it's a tough challenge! We also made whirlygigs, and students learned that we are able to experience air not because we can see it, like with solids and liquids, but because we can see how it affects things around us.

Finally, we read a book today called "In a Minute, Mom!" The main character learns that not so good things happen when we wait to do things instead of doing them right away. He finds out that it doesn't feel good to have to wait on others to do things for him, so he should do things right away when his parents and siblings ask him to. I highly recommend this book for parents and teachers everywhere! After we read the book, we practiced following directions right away, instead of doing it "in a minute". We learned that when we do things right away, we have more time for lunch, recess, fun projects, etc. It was a powerful end to a strong week of learning!

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