Friday, April 19, 2019

Seeds of Knowledge

Welcome back after a wonderful Spring Break! This week was all about plants, plants, plants. We reviewed and added to our knowledge that we gathered before Spring Break about the plant life cycle and how to plant seeds. The kids were highly motivated and loved talking about what they already know about plants and how to take care of them. It's awesome to see how many of them have had planting experience before, and I hope that this serves as a really good I.S. project for the rest of the year!
Subtraction Stories

We also introduced subtraction this week, and the students really seemed to enjoy it. We told subtraction stories, talked about what subtraction means (to "take away"), and did lots of practice problems with books, manipulatives, and pictures. It was a great introduction! I love seeing the kids' growth in math this year. 

Our Giving Tree
This week, we also focused on kindness to each other and to the earth. We read The Giving Tree, and discussed ways we can be kinder to each other and give to one another. They also read this book in Spanish with Ms. Monica! What a cool cross-language experience. 

Finally, we ended the week with a bang--repurposing old t-shirts into reusable bags. Almost the whole school was there to cut the t-shirts and tie them into bags. Students paired up with their book buddies, which they enjoyed! It was fun to be out in the sun, and doing something to help our planet! SO excited to see this spring weather! Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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