Friday, March 8, 2019

Excitement of Experimentation

"Look guys! Guys, it's EXPLODING!!"
Yes! We finally did it--a WHOLE WEEK of school uninterrupted by snow days! It felt really good to get back into a rhythm this week for sure!

Writers at Work
Some highlights of the week were: sliding down the hills by the ramps at school, and doing science experiments as part of Kove's Special Me. The students were able to explore baking soda, water, vinegar and fizzy tablets. They noticed that not much happened with the water being added to the solution, nor when they added baking soda to vinegar. However, when they added vinegar to the baking soda, that's when the "explosions" happened and excitement came over! It was noisy and messy and full of fun and learning, and the kids (and adults!!) loved it. If you would ever like to lead similar science/social studies activities in our classroom, please let me know! I am open and willing to accomodate :)

Finally, we spent quite a bit of time on our writing this week. These students are learning to draw detailed pictures of exactly what's going on in their minds, and then they add their words by sounding them out. This week, the kindergarteners wrote to Ms. Maryn about things they know about. Some topics included: parents, siblings, pets, electricity, and gardening. Looks like I am going to be taught SO MUCH by these intelligent students!

We enjoyed practicing number bonds in math this week, especially on Thursday, when the students were able to practice goldfish addition. Then Ms. Maryn read to them from One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish (one of my favorites!). We had a fun week of learning and dressing up for Dr. Seuss week! Enjoy the weekend!

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