Friday, October 19, 2018

FALL in love with Learning!

Number writing relay
Number writing relay
What a beautiful week of glorious fall weather and fantastic learning! Highlights from this week included learning about syllables by playing a syllable version of "duck, duck, goose", exploring new things about bats through reading Stellaluna, participating in our very first math number-writing relay, and starting to segment and blend words and identify the beginning sounds in words.

Shirley Canyon Hike
Happy Hiker
We also learned about what natural resources animals need to survive, and attempted to identify various forms of food, water, and shelter along our Shirley Canyon hike. The weather was sublime, and the kids especially seemed to enjoy balancing on and climbing along a felled tree along the path. It also provided an excellent place to grab a photo of the class!

Busy writing
Finally, this was a week to stretch our writing muscles! The kinders learned about what good writers do: how they stay in one spot, write the whole time, and think of new ideas and new details to add to their pictures and writing when they think they are done. Ask them about our resident writing genius, Granny Writesalot, who visited our classroom for the first time this week. They really enjoyed her visit, although they kept saying that she looked a lot like Ms. Maryn.... ;) Also, these kindergarteners rocked our lockout drill last week, and our Great Shakeout earthquake drill this week. They learned to Drop, Cover, and Hold on, the three steps for earthquake safety. Way to go! Here's to another beautiful weekend, and I'll see you all next week for conferences! I'm looking forward to it!

Lego Creations from our "Special Me" of the week!
"We are kindergarteners!!"

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